Kerio WinRoute Firewall 6.0




This Microsoft's proprietary technology is used for creation of dynamic objects for Web pages. This technology provides a wide range of features, such as saving to disk and running commands at the client (i.e. at the computer where the Web page is opened). Using ActiveX, virus and worms can for example modify telephone number of the dial-up.

ActiveX is supported only by Microsoft Internet Explorer.


DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Serves automatic IP configuration of computers in the network. IP addresses are assigned from a scope. Parameters include a gateway or router, DNS servers, local domain etc.


This technology enables wideband bidirectional satellite connection to the Internet. For detailed information, follow the link


DNS (Domain Name System) A worldwide distributed database of Internet hostnames and their associated IP address. Computers use Domain Name Servers to resolve host names to IP addresses. DNS allows internet servers to be more easily recognized (i.e. is easier to remember than


Software application or hardware component used to protect hosts or networks from intrusion attempts (usually from the Internet).

In this guide, the word firewall represents the WinRoute host.


Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) enables clients to manage messages stored on a mail server without downloading them to a local computer. This architecture allows the user to access his/her mail from multiple locations (messages downloaded to a local host disc would not be available from other locations).

IP address

Number consisting of 32 bits that is used to identify the host within the Internet. Each packet contains information about where it was sent from (source IP address) and to which address it is to be delivered (destination IP address).


IPsec (IP Security Protocol) is an extended IP protocol which enables secure data transfer. It provides services similar to SSL/TLS, however, these services are provided on a network layer. IPSec can be used for creation of encrypted tunnels between networks (VPN) Ч so called tunnel mode, or for encryption of traffic between two hostsЧ so called transport mode.

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