Kerio WinRoute Firewall 6.0


√лоссарий - часть 6

SYN (Synchronize) Ч connection initiation (first packet in each connection)

  • ACK (Acknowledgement) Ч acknowledgement of received data

  • RST (Reset) Ч request on termination of a current connection and on initiation of a new one

  • URG (Urgent) Ч urgent packet

  • PSH (Push) Ч request on immediate transmission of the data to upper TCP/IP layers

  • FIN (Finalize) Ч connection finalization

  • TCP/IP

    Name used for all traffic protocols used in the Internet (i.e. for IP, ICMP, TCP, UDP, etc.). TCP/IP does not stand for any particular protocol!


    Transport Layer Security. New version of SSL protocol. TLS is standardized by IETF and accepted by all significant software providers (i.e. Microsoft Corporation).


    User Datagram Protokol is a transmission protocol which transfers data through individual messages (so called datagrams). It does not establish new connections nor it provides reliable and sequentional data delivery, nor it enables error correction or data stream control. It is used for transfer of small-sized data (i.e. DNS queries) or for transmissions where speed is preferred from reliability (i.e. realtime audio and video files transmission).


    Virtual Private Network, VPN represents secure interconnection of private networks (i.e. of individual offices of an organization) via the Internet. Traffic between both networks (so called tunnel) is encrypted. This protects networks from tapping. VPN incorporates special tunneling protocols, such as Microsoft's IPSec and PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunnelling Protocol).

    WinRoute contains a proprietary VPN implemetation called Kerio VPN.

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